Why Saying Goodbye Is Hard

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It’s hard to start over as an adult and not just once or twice, but regularly. Moving, and having to say goodbye to the life we’ve built feels like saying goodbye to the person who created it. Our new home, wherever that may be, will change us. The old version will remain in this place and this moment in time.

That continual process of leaving our old self behind doesn’t get easier with time or each subsequent move. The change that comes with moving does allow for growth, and discovering our new routine keeps life from becoming mundane or predictable, but the persistent need for introductions, learning a new place, and the inevitable goodbyes that are to come are exhausting. Sometimes it feels too much.

It’s tough to be present in the last moments because the impending departure is looming overhead. We truly don’t know if we will see these faces that have become so important to us again. There’s so much to do and with the difficulty of leaving, we can choose to take the easy way and avoid the relationships and community we’ve built. However, we have to make ourselves feel those things, and experience farewells. We will absolutely have regrets if we don’t, and will struggle to find happiness when we feel there is unfinished business somewhere. But it’s not only the closure that we need, but the reality of knowing that these relationships matter, this home although temporary matters. 

Challenging times show us our true character, and everything that is meant to be in our life will remain or will come back in its due season. We all find change difficult, but its our perspective of that change that can make the difference. Regardless of the reason for your need to say goodbye to something, whether it be your home, a relationship, or your old self, you’re not alone in its struggle. 

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