Tower Bridge


The Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in London. It’s a backdrop that makes for great pictures, but you can also go inside for a different perspective. With a ticket, you get to tour the North and South Towers and the East and West bridges with views of London and the Thames. The tour is self-guided which gives you the chance to take in the views for as long as you like, but don’t forget to take in the view below! On both the East and West bridges, there are glass walkways over the bridge and the river. While the views are definitely better on a clear or semi-clear day, it still gives you a great vantage point of the city. The tour takes anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on your pace. 

Considering the price of sites in London, this one is budget friendly. That being said, it’s not one that I would regret not touring. You can get great shots of the bridge from other places in the city (like the pier) and views from other places as well. 


Tower Bridge website

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Tower Bridge
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