Guide to St. Andrews Links


If you’re a golfer, chances are you have heard of St. Andrews and St. Andrews Links as it’s considered the home of golf and the mecca for avid golfers. Even if you aren’t a golfer the beauty of the terrain is divine, which makes sense since the course wasn’t designed, but instead built around the terrain. You can even get a tee time at St. Andrews Links for the Old Course, except of course on Sundays. One day a week the course is closed to golfers and opened to the public. You can walk, picnic, and take pictures on the green without having to worry about hearing the word “fore”. It’s also the perfect opportunity to snap a picture on the famed Swilken Bridge which is a cultural icon in the sport. Be sure to wear layers because the area surrounding the course is colder, and windier, than in the city center. 


After enjoying your Sunday stroll, head over to the St. Andrews Links museum to learn more about how the game has evolved over the centuries. It’s an informative museum and must-do for golf enthusiasts. The gift shop even has replicas of old styles of golf balls and makes a great addition to a sports or golf collection. It’s also a good way to get indoors if it starts to rain. If you’re hungry you can also head to the café upstairs.


Another way to get indoors is to stop by the Old Course Shop at St. Andrews Links. They have merchandise for the Old Course as well as the Castle Course. Even if you don’t play a round while in St. Andrews, you can buy something to add to your golfing equipment or attire back home.  


It would be hard for any golfer to visit and not play, so if playing at one of the seven courses is on your bucket list make sure you book online WELL in advance because tee times go quickly. 


The Home of Golf
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