Rainy Day in Okinawa

A rainy day shouldn’t spoil your weekend or vacation, it just means you have to get a little creative when deciding what to do! There are plenty of things that will make you feel like you’re still enjoying your trip even if you have to stay indoors. 

The aquarium in Okinawa is the third largest in the world and even has whale sharks. Although there are exhibits outside, the majority are in doors and once your inside, you won’t even remember that it’s raining. If you get hungry you can eat at the little café and you can even reserve a seat right next to the whale shark tank and can watch while you eat. 

While a mall is usually a go-to when you’re trying to escape the outdoors, my favorite twist is seeing a movie! Movies from the states are shown at the movie theaters and if they feature this symbol “字“means the movie is in its original language with Japanese subtitles. Once the movie starts you won’t even notice the subtitles, but it’s cool to see. The theater that I like best is located at Rycom Mall. 

The Ferris wheel in American Village more than likely doesn’t come to mind when you think about being in doors, but the capsules are enclosed with windows that open if you need airflow. While the views may not be the same as on a clear day, you can watch storms roll in and boats on the East China Sea. 

Café hopping is fun to do anytime, but especially if you’re trying to stay inside. There are many small cafes on Okinawa, and each have their own vibe and are perfect for getting that Insta-worthy picture. If you’ve eaten all you can, find a café stat specializes in coffee drinks, juices, or deserts. The bonus is that while you’re traveling between locations, you get to see more of the island. 

Karaoke is so quintessentially Japanese that no trip to Japan is complete without some time spent singing your heart out. One of my favorite things about karaoke is that you are in a private room with you and your friends and there’s usually all you can drink (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic). You can reserve the rooms by the hour and if they aren’t full you can add time if you aren’t ready to leave. 

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