One Day- Edinburgh City Center


The sites in the city center of Edinburgh are all within walking distance, so you can get a lot done in one day. To maximize your time, wake up early, grab a cup of coffee, and head out the door. The earlier you start, the more you can see!

8:00 am – Arthurs Seat

Get an early start to your day by hiking up to Arthurs seat.

10:30 am – Royal Mile

The best way to take in the Royal Mile is by making stops along the way. Pop in to any of the shops to pick-up souvenirs such as a wool scarf or a bottle of whiskey. While walking, take the time to go down each close (alleyway) you see and keep an eye out for coffee shops or cafes that peak your interest. 

11:30 am – Lunch

Grab lunch at one of the restaurants or cafes just off the Royal Mile. 

1:00 pm – St. Giles Cathedral 

Dating back to the 12thcentury, this cathedral feels like stepping back in time. For a £5 donation and £2 photo permit (optional), both of which go towards the maintenance and restoration of the cathedral, you can walk the space and take in the history. Because of the age of the cathedral, there will be restoration occurring in one area or another, but if you’re lucky you may be able to catch a choir rehearsing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

2:00 pm – Edinburgh Castle

Located at the end of the Royal Mile is Edinburgh Castle. Inside you can see the royal jewels of Scotland, the Great Hall, and learn about the castles history and how it fits into the modern-day monarchy. 

5:15 pm – Calton’s Hill

Explore the area and sights on Calton’s Hill. This vantage point gives you views of the city and landmarks below, backdropped by a Scotland sunset. 

6:15 pm – Lookout Café

Don’t let the work “café” fool you. This fine dining restaurant is a spectacular way to spend blue hour.  This intimate space that only seats about 30 people is the best way to end a day of touring. The two walls of windows give you unmatched views of the city below, while eating some of the best food in Edinburgh. 

Other Castles

Stirling Castle
Doune Castle

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