Okinawa Hydrangea Garden

Okinawa has so many flower festivals and gardens that it’s hard to keep track, but this one is worth the trip if you love hydrangeas. There are so many varieties of hydrangeas and the colors truly speak for themselves. The Yohena Hydrangea Garden is in the northern part of Okinawa in Izumi of Motobu-cho town, and is open to the public in the late spring and only costs a few hundred yen per person. Can you believe the owner, Mrs. Uto Yohena, turned 100 this year? Although you could spend all day at the garden if you wanted to, you can easily walk around and get pictures in 30-40 minutes. 


  • You can wear sandals, but some of the paths are rocky and they go up and down hills.
  • Get there early to avoid the crowds and get pictures with only you and the hydrangeas.
  • Most of the paths are single file, so make sure to let others go around you if you’re stopped.
  • There’s not a lot of shade, so try not to go mid-day since it gets toasty. 
  • Wear solid pastel colors, or florals, for fantastic pictures. 

1312 Izumi, Motobu, Kunigami District, Okinawa 905-0221


Yohena Hydrangea Garden

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