Guide to Miyagi Island

Lush green Happy Cliff overlooking turquoise water on Miyagi island

Over the bridge and through the tunnel is Miyagijima. A small and remote island producing not only salt but the idyllic day trip from Okinawa. While salt may be their claim to fame, they’ve won numerous awards and prizes, it should really be the turquoise waters and lush vegetation that they brag about. Use this guide to Miyagi island to plan your day. No ferry ride required!

Miyagi Bridge

Shisa dogs flank each side and greet you as the red bridge comes into view. With a small parking area (before the tunnel) and a walkway across the bridge, it’s begging you to stop and take a picture, or three. While strolling the bridge, peek on either side to get a glimpse of those turquoise waters.

Yanga Spring

This is natural spring and considered one of Uruma’s cultural resources. Water holds a sacred place in many cultures, and Okinawa is no exception so don’t be surprised if you come across a symbol of worship. 

Shinugu-do Cliff

Or Shinugu Banta, offers striking views of the township below and more of that aqua sea landscape, and is just a quick stop.

Happy Cliff

Also knows as Kafu Banta, presents panoramic vistas that seems to stretch with no end. The sign actually says “Superb View Point”, and it doesn’t disappoint. There are walking paths that guide you to the edge of the cliff, don’t worry there are railings, and allow you to take in different vantage points. Once again, we have that dazzling ocean being the stuff dreams are made of.

Salt Factory

After you’ve taken in all the beauty your eyes can momentarily handle, head across the parking lot to Nuchiuna Company where they aim to “keep it like it was in the ocean”. They offer a free self-guided tour where you can catch sight of staff working to get that salt from 100% Okinawan seawater. After your tour head upstairs to the shop and café. They have a wide variety of products from drinks to beauty and even offer samples and demonstrations. While you’re up there, take a break in the café and grab a “salt” serve ice cream. 


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