Flower Bath Q&A

So, you’ve seen the pictures, and want to know what it’s really like. I did too! I went to the Kaveri Spa at the Udaya Resort in Bali for my flower bath, so everything below is based on my experience there. Ask all of your questions before you book to make sure you have your dream bath!

Is it just pretty?
It depends on your mindset and your goal. If you want pretty pictures (who doesn’t) you could spend the entire time just doing that. The setting is beautiful though, so if you take a few moments it can be a really relaxing experience. 

Are the flowers real?
Yes! They call it the “Celebration of Flowers” so everything in the flower bath is all real.

Are they itchy?
When the flowers stick to skin that isn’t submerged in the water it can be a little itchy but its honestly not that noticeable. 

Does it feel weird?
To have someone take your picture while you’re in a bathing suit and bathtub? Yes. The experience overall is a little strange but it’s also so unique and fun!

Is it hard to get into the tub?
If you don’t want to mess up the design, then yes it can be a challenge. I had my awesome friend help me get in. I would say that was the weirdest thing that’s happened to us on a trip, but one time we accidentally booked a couple’s massage… so it’s all about perspective. 

Do the flowers stay in the design?
Moving slowly really helps keep the design intact. It also depends on what type of pictures you want. Getting a couple pictures or a video of you “messing up” the design can also be really cute! I would also recommend starting at the back of the tub and working your way forward, closer to the camera, that way your body can shields a few out of place flowers. 

How long does it take to get pictures?
Really it depends on the time you want to spend and if you go in with a vision of what you want. Since you get to pick the design, it makes it easier to envision how you want to pose and the angles you want to be photographed. 

Is it cold?
It was surprisingly warm. Definitely felt like a bathtub. The weirdest part was that it stayed warm the entire 45 minutes. 

Is it in a closed room?
Yes, it was in a private room, with a door, and also had a bathroom and small changing area. 

Is it humid?
It was a little bit on the humid side, but no more than the outside weather. Hairspray was definitely something I wish I would’ve packed.

How long are you in there?
My flower bath was 45 minutes.

Is it hard to get good pictures?
If you aren’t used to posing or feel uncomfortable in a swim suit, then it may be hard at first. If you have fun it really shows on camera. It also helps if you know what you want and practice different poses and positions. It sounds strange but it really helps. 

Does someone take pictures, or do you need to bring someone with you?
To feel the most comfortable and get the pictures you really want I would totally bring someone with you. Bonus is that they can help you get into the tub! I honestly wish we could’ve gotten a picture of that.

What do you wear?
Well, you could wear whatever you want and feel your best in. I went for a solid color swim suit since I didn’t want a pattern to take away from the flower design. 

Andrew likes to say I’m allergic to everything. While I’m not allergic to everything, I did have an allergy attack after the bath. For some reason it never crossed my mind that I should take allergy medicine before getting into a bath tub full of flowers for 45 minutes. 

Can more than one person get in?
I’ve seen some super cute pictures with either a couple or friends in the same bath. It could be really cute but would definitely take more effort to keep the design the same. Just ask your spa!

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