Guide to Abbey Road

It’s probably no surprise that the most iconic road in music is Abbey Road. Even if you’re not a Beatles fan (who even are you), you’ve heard of Abbey Road. It’s a fun sight to visit and try to recreate their iconic album cover. Since it’s a real road, your photo attempts may be just as epic as when you finally nail the recreation. 

How To Get There:

There are a lot of websites with directions on how to get to Abbey Road. You can take the bus, but I recommend taking the tube. The closest Underground Station to Abbey Road is St. John’s Wood and since there’s only one exit at the station, it’s pretty easy to get started. After exiting the station, I used Google Maps in combination with the websites above because I don’t do well with directions. You can also google Abbey Road Studios to find the zebra crossing. From the station it took us about 8 minutes to walk to the road.

When To Visit

Since the road is still in use, the best time to visit is outside of rush hour traffic, and believe it or not, weekends are actually better since most people sleep in. We got there at 7:30 am on a Saturday and had about 15 minutes before other sightseers started showing up. If you come during a busier time, you will need to plan on spending more time at the sight. 

Things To Know

Like I said, it’s a working public road so you will need to be really careful when you’re taking your pictures and follow all traffic laws. Even though drivers in the area may be used to stopping for tourists, be a good person and keep them in mind while you’re taking pictures because this is their home and you’re a guest. Also keep other visitors in mind if you come at a busy time, so be prepared to share the road.  

After you take your picture crossing the road, take a few steps down the street to Abbey Road Studios. If Abbey Road is the most famous road in music, then Abbey Road Studios is the most famous studio. Right out front there is a little half wall that they encourage you to graffiti! They also have a webcam out front that records the road, so say hi and check the website to see yourself on camera.

I said to take the tube and it’s because right outside the station is the Beatles coffee/gift shop. It’s a small little shop but they sell tons of Beatles merch including t-shirts, stickers, and pins. Some of which says “I Crossed Abbey Road”. Hit it up on your way back so that you don’t have to carry your souvenirs while you take pictures. 


Abbey Road Studios
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